Version 4.7.3

Flussonic 4.7.3 gets following changes:

  • #3366 nvenc logo
  • #4160 fix usage thumbnails url=http://camera/preview.jpg
  • #4449 [VSaaS] allow to invert PTZ axis in UI
  • #4691 fix pause in Safari HTML5 DVR and live player
  • #4800 make Swift DVR immediately accessible when move stream between servers in cluster
  • #4855 new unstable blazing fast MPEGTS encoder. try it with running "echo 'export NEW_HLS=y' > /etc/default/flussonic"
  • #4912 stable nvidia device enumeration as in nvidia-smi
  • #5019 support for large h264 frames with BuyDRM’s KeyOS Platform
  • #5035 proper file and segment transcoding on nvidia
  • #5040 [VSaaS] APIv2 streamers support
  • #5072 SQL cluster allows to configure camera alarm plugin
  • #5075 [VSaaS] workaround for buggy PTZ cameras that require non-standard onvif command to move
  • #5085 allow to specify groups of each stream for IPTV module
  • #5094 Fix rewind while zooming DVR HTML5 player
  • #5126 support for erlang 21.0
  • #5127 add endpoint.lua as an example for Flussonic Agent
  • #5128 SQLAPI GROUP BY support
  • #5135 fix IPTV module
  • #5138 table cluster.gpu now shows the same nvidia identifier as in transcoder. It is convenient
  • #5143 enhance ONVIF discovery for Activecam, Hikvision cameras
  • #5145 [VSaaS] fix specifying login/password in ONVIF search UI
  • #5146 [VSaaS] properly show cameras in groups
  • #5147 session mechanism allows now filing extra fields in session body for plugin usage
  • #5158 [VSaaS] properly specify protocol so that it is possible to play mosaic with https
  • #5168 now MPEGTS UDP capture will properly read system settings for buffer size
  • #5183 add fetch.js polyfill for IE

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