Version 4.7.2

Flussonic got following changes:

  • #2675 [VSaaS] now it is possible to enable satellite view on map
  • #2865 e-ac3 support
  • #4006 scaleway armv8 support
  • #4360 [VSaaS] now it is able to backup and restore configuration via an API method. Please visit documentation first
  • #4452 fixed editing peers in admin UI
  • #4520 clappr player in embed.html will now use preview.jpg thumbnail
  • #4545 now can OCR DVB subtitles to WebVTT text
  • #4620 [VSaaS] Yandex.maps support in watcher
  • #4630 proper playback of DVR with our new MSE LD protocol and player
  • #4675 [VSaaS] fixed password reset tool
  • #4692 completely restamp DVB subtitle timestamps
  • #4761 allow to use Flussonic Agent without watcher
  • #4870 fix DVR rewind that blocked second jump
  • #4914 proper Content-Type for IPTV playlists
  • #4931 resending media info in MSE LD protocol on change
  • #4932 access to nvidia load status from SQL API
  • #4936 publish_stopped in webrtc proto
  • #4938 decrease CPU usage in logger
  • #4943 advertise program maximum bitrate in CBR UDP pushed streams
  • #4949 [VSaaS] fixed Map view for unauthenticated visitors
  • #4950 [VSaaS] fixed client-side mosaic playback
  • #4989 [VSaaS] fixed unexpected logging out when navigating to a single group on dashboard
  • #4994 [VSaaS] fix hostname in watcher single for mobile app
  • #4998 fix double segment download in replicator
  • #5005 [VSaaS] now dashboard does not reset filter when 'Enter' key is pressed
  • #5012 fast playback in HTML5 DVR playback
  • #5015 [VSaaS] speeding up dashboard loading and filtering
  • #5016 enhance capturing webrtc publish
  • #5017 [VSaaS] fixed unexpected logging out when changing camera's title on dashboard
  • #5021 [VSaaS] dashboard filter does not ignore hidden cameras
  • #5026 workaround for invalid nvenc timestamps with bframes
  • #5046 [VSaaS] fixed dashboard 'List' view
  • #5047 [VSaaS] custom OpenStreetMap server support (raster maps only)
  • #5048 HTTP API of new ad injector
  • #5055 [VSaaS] proper positioning of offline camera on map
  • #5066 [VSaaS] fixed minor localization bugs
  • #5068 [VSaaS] fixed camera's coordinates reset when changing ondemand/static flag
  • #5069 [VSaaS] fixed 'Compact' dashboard view layout
  • #5098 fixing lip sync in DASH rewind and DASH DVR
  • #5099 reduce logging of useless errors in bad RTSP streams
  • #5102 respond HTTP 416 on invalid Content-Range request
  • #5103 proper MSE LD playback of webrtc publish
  • #5105 remove invalid second Content-Length in HEAD response
  • #5114 [VSaaS] fixed client-side mosaic playback
  • #5115 [VSaaS] fixed 'Embed Code' button layout on some screen resolutions
  • #5117 minor fixes in HTML5 DVR player
  • #5123 now SQL gpu.memory shows memory usage instead of traffic
  • #5125 enhance logging about not found nvidia libraries on startup

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