Version 4.7.1

flussonic (v4.7.1) 2017-12-07

  • #3363 transcoder now is bypassing subtitles
  • #3528 now it is possible to call dvr unlock API to release locked part of DVR
  • #4373 fixed bug when dvr locked duration was growing after lock creation
  • #4471 fixing failure in auto assigning mpegts pids
  • #4476 added DASH rewindable playlist: /clock/rewind-3600.mpd
  • #4566 enhance calling to h323 polycom gateway
  • #4576 now HLS player will not download full hour while playing DVR
  • #4610 fixed timestamp handling in nvenc so that they do not go back anymore
  • #4669 added pcmu to transcoder
  • #4681 added UTC timing and fixed DASH manifest for small segments
  • #4694 fixed exporting MP4 while having language more than 3 symbols long
  • #4699 completely moved new player to clappr-based javascript that can be used on your site
  • #4700 set default bframes to 0 while encoding HEVC on NVENC
  • #4706 fixed reading HLS with EXT-X-ALLOW-CACHE tag
  • #4707 fixed HDS DVR playback after URL migration
  • #4710 mse low delay player now is a separate code that can be used in your project
  • #4711 [VSaaS] fixed slow opening dashboard
  • #4712 fix breaking url to init segment in DASH manifest with auth token
  • #4715 ensure that compiled player can be used in IE11
  • #4724 now it is possible to write from several flussonics to one cloud S3/Swift folder
  • #4725 now you can access DVR locks via SQL on whole cluster
  • #4728 remove calculation of recorded ranges from embed by default (opens faster)
  • #4733 enhance ondemand stream startup with webrtc playback
  • #4734 add publish_started event to webrtc publishing
  • #4751 properly set language of tracks in DASH manifest
  • #4758 fixed some broken urls while publishing HLS to Akamai
  • #4764 fixes incompatibility between balancer and VOD access
  • #4766 autoplay=false in DVR player
  • #4767 removed race condition from max-session accounting
  • #4775 CORS headers on assets to make player embeddable as a JS
  • #4777 fixed weird behaviour of DVR cleaner that could inherit time depth from published stream to a stream without time depth at all.
  • #4780 allow stream to move in cluster via SQL with proper migrating of recorded ranges information
  • #4781 added dependencies to our RPM packages
  • #4805 allow IPTV balancer to work without specified bandwidth
  • #4809 [VSaaS] show camera preview when clicking on camera marker
  • #4811 [VSaaS] fixed mosaic.
  • #4812 added DVR playback to MSE low delay player
  • #4834 added support for HTTPS access via our protocol m4f: url m4fs://source/stream
  • #4835 now can hide poster in clappr player
  • #4836 mbr now will take all audio tracks from first source
  • #4837 [VSaaS] fixed favourites section
  • #4838 SQL support for OFFSET and LIMIT
  • #4841 can bypass subtitles through m4s
  • #4845 pass MKV per-track bitrate to HLS
  • #4854 SQL support for filter "WHERE field LIKE '%"
  • #4857 player now allows to dynamically turn on/off poster
  • #4858 updated letsencrypt confirmation url
  • #4862 play_duration support in MSE LD playback
  • #4872 DRM in timeshift playback
  • #4898 [VSaaS] fixes in html to speedup rendering
  • #4899 [VSaaS] watcher will open login window for embed access without token
  • #4901 now will spawn many python workers for Watcher
  • #4902 [VSaaS] speedup dashboard, delay player and preview creation for hidden cameras
  • #4910 Watcher will spawn workers by number of CPU
  • #4911 now possible to set limit on USB key

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