Version 4.6.8


  • #2212 preview in embed.html for all players
  • recompiled with proper glibc
  • #3100 handle aspect option for nvenc
  • #3222 now server API call will return total_bandwidth only for output bandwidth.
  • #3241 fix HTTP 500 when requesting dash segment for segment starting from non-keyframe
  • #3285 old api call config_stream_create now will overwrite stream, not update it
  • #3352 [UI] don't hide stream while dragging it
  • #3367 fix desync when using m4s with bad time on server
  • #3369 enhance multiple transcoder startup on slow hardware
  • #3371 bypass tokens into DASH manifest
  • #3377 save aliaser info to config
  • #3378 send unaliased user stream name to session push event and to mysql API
  • #3380 fix ac3 in m4s

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