Version 4.6.7

Version 4.6.7 includes following changes:

  • #2984 fix graphic legend on custom pulse
  • #3148 [UI] enable drag-n-drop for stream reordering
  • #3209 completely rewritten graphic collecting subsystem
  • #3232 [UI] fix routing while moving between stream pages
  • #3254 [VSaaS] fix user logout
  • #3264 [VSaaS] overwrite camera with existing serial key when provision agent
  • #3266 now timeshift HLS will be always variant
  • #3274 [UI] fix removing disallowed countries
  • #3276 completely remove cookies from session management. HDS now will include token in path
  • #3281 fix viewing with view_auth
  • #3292 [UI] logout button
  • #3293 fix desync issue when audio frame is shorter than it is assumed to be
  • #3294 fix H265 CPU encoder
  • #3295 [VSaaS] now it is possible to run Watcher under ARM
  • #3297 [VSaaS] enable receiving group list from Radius
  • #3299 remove deadlock from NVidia enc and enhance Pascal support
  • #3309 enhance launching under non-root user
  • #3310 make more stable package deletion
  • #3311 fix stream reordering in config delta applier
  • #3315 workaround for video.js rtmp app/name handling issue
  • #3316 [UI] fix graphic legend
  • #3322 [UI] fix indication of transcoder on published streams
  • disable powersave governor in runscript
  • enable bigger memory allocators
  • #3328 [UI] change URL when return from custom pulse to system graphics
  • #3331 CPU graph now will show user + system. It will be higher now
  • #3332 now enabling HTTP thumbnails will not autostart repeater
  • #3336 enhance startup of many transcoders simultaneously
  • #3347 speedup SQL parsing in 500 times
  • #3351 [UI] fix editing prepush
  • HTTP camera thumbnailer now is using separate socket pool and can work with 1500 cameras
  • #3354 [VSaaS] Watcher now can handle several thousands of IP cameras

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