Version 4.6.17

We have released 4.6.17 with following changes and bugfixes:

  • #2298 MAJOR refactoring of logging subsystem
  • #2462 long HLS playlists: semi-live, semi-DVR: /STREAMNAME/event-7200.m3u8
  • #2863 add copy option to DVR: it is possible to upload blobs to cloud
  • #3362 enhance WebRTC publishing code: use REMB mechanism
  • #3479 allow transcoding WebRTC published audio to PCMA
  • #3910 ensure transcoder is killed on stream restart
  • #3943 added auth protected agent status callto peeklio agent
  • #3973 better handling of dvr lock
  • #3984 [VSaaS] fix own cameras count
  • #3985 fix starting backup video
  • #4018 notify that HLS dont have closed captions with CLOSED-CAPTIONS=NONE
  • #4073 now mbr output video tracks are always forced to be in the order of inputs
  • #4092 properly handle RTSP 302 redirects on source
  • #4102 fixing export of very large mp4 files (more than 4 GB)
  • #4104 fix handling non US locale for disk usage query
  • #4145 fix letsencrypt code handling foreign ssl certs
  • #4187 enhance reading DVR for extracting timelapse
  • #4220 allow DVR to handle streams with 1 second gop duration
  • #4232 support for Swift large objects in file uploader
  • #4238 Agent working on Dahua DH-IPC-HFW1120SP
  • #4260 prepush now is properly handled by rtmp pusher
  • #4267 tune SDT frequency in MPEG-TS push with sdt=300 option
  • #4271 enhance crypt IV for Apple Fairplay DRM
  • #4272 PCR now is sent on first available video track
  • #4273 fixes in CBR UDP pusher
  • #4279 CORS headers on http api urls
  • #4282 [VSaaS] fixing calculated available for user camera amount
  • #4288 PCR now is properly sent on mpegts output with selected tracks
  • #4296 admin DVR status now is more brief
  • #4316 [VSaaS] renamed option mode service; to mode cluster
  • #4322 fixed MPEG-TS picture breaking with delayed subtitles
  • #4323 SOCKS5 support for license server connection
  • #4337 Alpine linux support for small distribution and docker

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