Version 4.6.16

DRM support:

  • #564 BuyDRM keyos support
  • #1935 Conax DRM support

MPEG-TS changes:

  • #3952 edit MPEG-TS PIDs
  • #4002 enhanced sending constant CBR MPEG-TS UDP
  • #4039 changed urls for DVR HLS segments. Proper session accounting hls_dvr now
  • #4059 HLS reader now properly reacts on 302 redirect in cluster
  • #4242 opt-in handling of h264 pic timing: url udp:// h264=pic_timing:accept;

DVR fixes:

  • #3669 fixed RTMP DVR pause
  • #4050 refactored DVR replicator. Now it will work only with m4f/m4s source
  • #4051 [VSaaS] fixed enabling DVR
  • #4054 better checking disk status when df gives error
  • #4061 do not try to create thumbnails when enabling DVR on stream without thumbs
  • #4235 removed fadvise call that made DVR unstable on loaded HDDs


  • #2860 now has /STREAMNAME/input_media_info.json for media info before transcoder
  • #3820 edit admin_http in UI
  • #3930 added permissive CORS headers for VOD download
  • #4072 speedup SNMP response
  • #4116 fixed SELECT * FROM sessions


  • #4109 enhance bframes parameter for nvenc transcoder


  • #4058 fix launching Agent on XM cameras with dhcp enabled
  • #4091 Agent is now working on Dahua HFW1120
  • #4095 Agent is working on novicam
  • #4228 now Agent will have valid handling of broken resolv.conf
  • #4245 workaround for broken RTSP SDP with invalid payload numbers


  • #4044 better indication of broken system time on flussonic launch
  • #4046 will check for grsecurity on OVH that breaks things
  • #4056 add support for cluster ingest redirects to m4f reader
  • #4070 Cache-control: no-cache to Manifest.mpd
  • #4074 Fixed indicator of new Flussonic version available
  • #4079 allow to change license key without restarting server
  • #4098 added player to demo framework
  • #4135 enhance selecting hard drives in checking disk usage
  • #4144 add mode selection and nvidia support for decklink sdi capture
  • #4218 better handling of http errors in shoutcast reader
  • #4225 will now validate that https is configured without SSL certificate
  • #4229 properly close https listener when it is deconfigured

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