Version 4.6.0

Flussonic team is glad to announce major update — 4.6.0 release.

We have added lot of new cool features during a year since last major release 4.5:

  • Multibitrate transcoder with hardware support for Intel Quick Sync и NVIDIA NVENC to increase performance and maximize processor efficiency.
  • A completely new, more robust, and intuitive Administrative User Interface that gives more control of Flussonic with a snap view of your configurations.
  • h265 (hevc) support for working with satellite streams and IP cameras
  • A more complete and flexible IP Camera management system called Flussonic Watcher

Other features notable features in our Version 4.6 release are:

  • SNMP support for unified enterprise network control
  • Letsencrypt service client for free SSL certificates
  • IPV6 support for streaming to clients over modern networks
  • User management that controls session connections on a per user basis (limits amount of connections per user)
  • Decklink SDI/HDMI capture cards support
  • HLS multi-bitrate capture allowing you to restream multi-bitrate feeds
  • MPEG-DASH streaming support
  • MKV container support for streams and files
  • Protecting your feeds with DRM
  • DVR replication in cluster
  • ONVIF discovery and configuration of IP cameras
  • Windows build

You can upgrade to 4.6.0 right now.

Visit us on the web to learn more about Flussonic Version 4.6 and how Flussonic can help secure your feeds, improve your feed QOS, and more!

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