Version 4.5.19 with new DVR

Flussonic 4.5.19

We are glad to announce version 4.5.19 that has some important changes.

There are two formats of archive in Flussonic: old called "dvr2" and new called "dvr4". Yes, there is no dvr3 =)

Since version 4.5.19 Flussonic by default is writing in format dvr4, new format. It is better because it saves timestamps better, allows to pack more codecs and more performant for most of cases.

But it is different from old format dvr2, so things may be broken.

We advice you to follow these migration path if you have lot of recorded video:

  • edit all dvr configurations and change them to current dvr2 (see below)
  • take one stream, leave it in new format
  • be sure that everything works ok
  • migrate the rest of archives

Here is how you can switch back to old archive format:

stream ort {
  dvr dvr2:/storage 20d 5000G;

Other changes

Brief list of other changes since 4.5.18:

  • H265 support in RTSP (Hevc IP cameras)
  • support for reading AES128 encrypted HLS
  • change behaviour for pregenerating HLS segments in memory
  • more than 100 times speedup in fetching stream list in admin page
  • Ranges header support for playlists and segments
  • preliminary Windows version

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