Version 4.6.3

Added following list of changes:

  • #635 added media name alias rewriting
  • #2256 added support for changing sample rate to transcoder: ar=44100
  • #2562 support for fps=25 in transcoder
  • #2683 configure decklink pixel parameter
  • #2695 now Firefox will not show flash icon when opening dash
  • #2707 now config changes from one browser will not overwrite changes from other
  • #2730 [VSaaS] favorites support
  • #2781 config now is not fully rewritten, but modify commands are sent
  • #2782 added new read_config and modify_config API for convenient changing config
  • #2789 now index.m3u8 is a variant playlist. Use mono.m3u8 to get raw segment list
  • #2797 source mechanism now will not autostart remote ondemand
  • #2801 fix adding audio only HLS playlist to streams with audio first
  • #2850 fixed killing published streams when reloading config
  • #2851 fixed exporting mp4 broken while adding large file support
  • #2855 now source_lost event will appear only once after source is lost
  • #2857 update letsencrypt license agreement
  • #2858 support for IPv6 in api_allowed_from
  • #2859 more smooth handling of large HLS segments in transcoder
  • #2861 handle MPEG2 streams with incorrect packing of frames
  • #2866 fix mpegts publishing
  • #2868 support for reading mpegts from RTSP server
  • #2870 config parser will now disallow broken text
  • #2872 now stream creation and deletion will be done without full server reconfiguring
  • #2873 fix passing country through lua auth backend
  • #2888 fix ffmpeg RTSP publishing via TCP
  • #2893 now cluster clients are visible among other clients.

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