Personal data

What personal data do we keep

We at Erlyvideo can get your personal data when you leave request for trial key and when you purchase license.

When you purchase license, you leave your payment information and extended data on websites of our payment gateways: cloudpayments fastspring and paddle All of them claim to be GDPR compatible and treat your personal data according to the law.

However you need to understand that after you make a purchase we will have to keep your personal data for up to 5 years due to Russian tax service requirements.

Also you can write us support tickets in your client area or create them by sending email to

We will keep history of conversation as a regular personal data and commercial data. Our conversation is not for public.

If you ask us to change information on your invoices, we can store your name, tax ID, home or business address in our database.

If you use our statistics collection service, then Flussonic Streaming server installed on your server can send us history of viewers. It includes IP address, media name, time, user agent (browser) of your client.

Where do we keep your personal data

Personal data of EU citizens is stored and processed in Europe.

How do we use your personal data

Email is required to speak with you, send you license keys and explain how to use software. When you purchase license, we need to notify you about possible payment problems. It is the main way to contact you.

Your name is not mandatory (some customers do not tell it), but it is for us to know whom we are speaking with. You know us and we want to know you too.

Your personal data like tax ID and address is for your invoices.

Your statistics data is used only by you and we do not touch it unless you want to look at it in your client area.

Cookies policy

We use cookies to identify you on our website. This technology is used for keeping browser session so that we can be sure that it is you who have logged in.

Also some services that we use can leave cookies (see below about them).

If you do not want to use cookies, leave our site please.

Third party services

We use several services, we embed their javascript on our website and they collect some information about you.

It is: Google Analytics, Yandex metrica and Tawk support chat.

We give following information to these services:

  1. we send your trial request identifier to yandex.metrica. It is number of trial request in our database and we need it to track user experience on our website. It doesn’t keep any information about your email or name 2) we give your email and name to Tawk. It is required for us to understand whom our chat support is speaking with.

Read please:

Tawk GDPR compliance Yandex GDPR compliance Google GDPR compliance

We also use mailchimp to deliver marketing emails to you. We give them your email, name and language. Read mailchimp policy.

Whom can we pass your personal data without asking you?

We can give your personal data only to police and only by request from a court, printed on a paper. If we ever get such a thing, we will keep a copy for you.


Your personal data is stored in our database securely. We do not share your information with anyone else except specified above. Following measures are made to ensure your data safety:

  1. Minimal list of employers can access your data and only what they require for work
  2. All Erlyvideo websites are forcing to use TLS security
  3. security audit

Managing your personal data

If you want to receive more explanations about handling your personal data, please write us a request to the email address

We will respond to your request within 2 weeks and carry out all necessary procedures described in GDPR