We trust a good hoster YISP.

Many hosters offer 10 gbit at a ver low price. Everything looks good untill you start measuring quality of your video service.

Connectivity is a very imporant parameter for a hoster: how many peer links does it have to big ISP and transit operators. High connectivity is mandatory for a good hosting that doesn't make a slideshow from your video in prime time.

You can get a FREE flussonic license from YISP, using our special Flussonic-YISP offer

Our customers and partners

  • AG Telecom

    AG Telecom is Melbourne based IT consultancy company specializing in telecommunications

  • Partner


    MAG Set-Top Boxes and Stalker Middleware developer

  • IP cameras industrial

    Production life-cycle integration and remote quality control on sawmills divided by hundreds of kilometres all over the Siberian taiga.

  • Platform for citizen journalism

    Babo is giving people ability to become a field journalist with just a smartphone. Flussonic is helping them in backend.

  • Monetized access to city cameras

    ISP is using Flussonic to prove access to street and city cameras in several cities with more than 2 millions of people

  • huge CDN on all continents

    Content delivery network with high traffic uses Flussonic for media content delivery all over the world.

  • National video broadcasting service

    Flussonic provides all spectre of content delivery: IPTV OTT, Catchup, VOD for a huge video network

  • Real-Time Media Intelligence Platform

    Real-time media intelligence platform - iDenTV uses Flussonic as an element of its service.

  • Corporate social network

    The largest Russian developer of cloud services for accounting and business uses Flussonic to deliver video content in corporate social network