Version 4.6.13

March 24, 2017


We have done serious work on cluster refactoring and cluster protocols in Flussonic.

See the updated documentation for cluster

  • #2502 properly handle ports and query string when redirecting with cluster ingest
  • #2853 stabilized behaviour of streams when same server is added as peer and source
  • #2971 m4f protocol now will precisely sync segment sequences
  • #2995 ensured that m4s protocol is keeping timestamps without any changes
  • #3120 show remote cluster streams in admin UI
  • #3476 enhance bypassing via internal m4s protocol to HLS protocol
  • #3565 cluster redirect now preserve auth token
  • #3571 cluster API now shows remote streams launched on remote sources
  • #3590 on-demand stream config has more priority than running remote sourced stream
  • #3743 optimized m4f protocol, reduced CPU usage
  • #3746 HLS off mode will disable DVR access via HLS
  • #3751 HLS now will read DVR from remote Flussonic even if stream has a different name

Flussonic Watcher

We have launched several projects based on Flussonic Watcher lately, so there are lot of related features and bug fixes.

Important thing is that we have added clustered storage for motion events. In the next version we will add support for motion events in Watcher.

  • #3325 [VSaaS] GUI for editing Radius configuration
  • #3421 [VSaaS] Watcher now can periodically check streamer’s health
  • #3636 [VSaaS] remember user option on login screen
  • #3644 transmit proxy motion events from master Flussonic to cluster peers
  • #3685 support for Hikvision DS-2CD2420F-IW agent
  • #3702 [VSaaS] fixed http URL for dead cameras with https enabled
  • #3718 [VSaaS] fixed saving DVR configuration on camera reimport
  • #3726 new page for dead http backends (like in Watcher)
  • #3731 [VSaaS] enhanced moving cameras between streamers
  • #3741 [VSaaS] better support for Agent in plugin mode of Watcher
  • #3747 support for thumbnails from Hiwatch DS-I113
  • #3758 [VSaaS] fixed issue with erasing camera URL when it is disabled by billing
  • #3772 fixed issue with lost bytes in TLS buffer when taking thumbnails via SSL agent. Jpeg thumbnails work well via SSL
  • #3773 [VSaaS] plugin mode agent connection is automatically switched to SSL when https is enabled


Transcoder is a very complicated part of Flussonic and we work on improving it every day, so here are the recent bugfixes and some new things:

  • #3318 enhanced behaviour of transcoder with m4s protocol
  • #3374 handle transcoding shoutcast with damaged mp3 stream
  • #3475 improved kill child ffmpeg process when stream is restarted
  • #3564 fixed bug with transcoding server side playlist
  • #3610 changed mode of deinterlacing on NVidia
  • #3709 increased stability of fake source

Flashless future of HTML5

Flussonic looks towards the future without Flash. We have added some fixes to our server-side WebRTC implementation and our brand new low delay HTML5 playback.

For more details, check documentation for MSE low delay

  • #3626 fixed broken WebRTC in Chrome 56
  • #3632 Auth token support for low delay MSE player
  • #3650 added audio to low delay HTML5 streaming

Jpegless thumbnails

Flussonic is here to reduce load on your hardware and network: it shows DVR thumbnails without jpeg at all!

Read more in the documentation for video thumbnails in DVR

  • #3652 no need to encode video screenshots as jpeg anymore
  • #3700 fixed http 206 response Content-Range header

Embed with player

Embed.html which is the easiest way to embed a player into your website. We work on making this process more stable and compatible with all new browsers and their peculiarities in every Watcher version.

We have started moving to video.js framework. You can check it out right now by adding a query string ?version=2. Here are some other fixes in the most recent version.

  • #3554 playback speed control within embed
  • #3596 fixed support for Auth false in embed.html
  • #3663 fixed embed.html for IE8 and IE11
  • #3681 fixed IE8 support for embed
  • #3689 improved broken MSE support in IE11

Other fixes:

There is a list of other Flussonic fixes and new features. Some of them are very actual.

  • #2508 fixed start playing on-demand stream via SHOUTcast
  • #3550 fixed DVR DASH playback issue when playback is looped on one segment
  • #3584 added protection from broken stream in transcoder, it will restart automatically
  • #3585 enhanced on-demand stream startup with video.m3u8 request
  • #3598 added auto-update of Letsencrypt intermediate CA
  • #3637 fixed overlapping segments in mp4 affected by elst atom
  • #3657 fixed HLS playlist sequences on relative HLS timeshift
  • #3662 enhanced behaviour of DASH when starting ondemand stream
  • #3674 DASH HEVC support
  • #3683 embed play_duration support for Firefox
  • #3695 better https support for VOD path
  • #3719 added support for Letsencrypt autoupdate