Flussonic Media Server

Flussonic provides a powerful feature-packed media server for a wide range of tasks, including video delivery, transcoding, and storage.


Flussonic Media Server is a core multimedia component for OTT IPTV services. With the Media Server, you can set up global video distribution (live/on demand), record files, manage users, and much more.

Your subscribers benefit from a nifty service that helps them add new options offered by your network.

For VSaaS

Flussonic Media Server enables you to develop your own cloud-based video surveillance service. The solution supports a video streaming and recording archive replenished with data from hundreds of thousands of distributed cameras worldwide. Plus, you get the right functionality to manage users, stream characteristics and stream access policies.

Leveraging the media server’s capabilities, you can grant paid records access to your B2B and B2C customers.


For middleware

Flussonic Media Server is a go-to staple for middleware vendors. This media server supports video capture/signal processing from satellite channels, mobile devices, and web pages. It performs transcoding, provides access management controls and user session tracking, and enables archive recording and clusterization of server infrastructure.

For broadcasting

Flussonic provides a powerful multipurpose media server for broadcasting, webinar platform development, and live or on-demand conferencing.


Flussonic Media Server delivers the tools for high-performance video delivery and two-way video and audio communication.

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