Flussonic Iris

Iris is an alternative software for various IP-cameras; strong emphasis; cross-platform, performant, secure, and stable video delivery. IRIS extends your IP-cameras’ existing features while protecting both from video content losses and security breaches.



Most cameras across the world dont have any protection at all, are easy to hack and eventually join botnets (like Mirai). Culprits have no trouble obtaining video access and using it to harm cameras owners. IRIS can fully eliminate risks of these kinds, allowing to implement any level of security in video surveillance projects.


  • Camera control via an HTML5 web interface from any modern browser without the need to install additional components.
  • Reliable and secure TLS encryption of a video stream between a camera and a server.
  • Information reliability and high resistance to unauthorized access.
  • Increased performance allowing for a large number of simultaneous direct connections to a camera.


Common chinese camera can serve no more than 2 concurrent connections. IRIS can support 30 times more connection, while protecting from video tearing, flickering and reloads.

Remote control

Flussonic IRIS can provide bulk access to remote control over your cameras. You will be able to upgrade firmware and tune settings outside of cameras’ local network.

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