How to Pinpoint a Logo in a Kaleidoscope of TV Channels

March 16, 2017

Erlyvideo Empowers Real-Time Image Search by 80 Video Streams

Have you ever imagined spotting a certain face or logo among all of your TV channels

March 06, 2017. Video streaming and storage experts at Erlyvideo hit the 1.5 Gigabit/sec video stream capturing speed on one server machine. This performance is necessary to scan many TV streams simultaneously and process the video in real time. The partner company IDENTV performed this speed test to set up the video intelligence system that they develop on top of the Erlyvideo’s platform.

Max Lapshin, CEO of Erlyvideo, comments on this prolific cooperation: “The current challenge to search specific images in the digital oceans of video is way more complex than finding a needle in a haystack for real. Rapid worldwide video stream quality and size growth is a deal-breaker for all video delivery and processing services. We have achieved the milestone in delivering video at an amazing speed.”

The IDenTV’s intelligent content recognition system is able to track the in-video movement of personalities, logos or other targets over time. IDenTV’s leverages the performance of the Erlyvideo video server software to feed the intelligent content recognition system with tons of video to search the vast selection. It’s working right now and gives you the real-time stats on product mentions among all the popular US television networks.

IDenTV’s Intelligent Video Platform which launched late last year combines automated content recognition technologies and artificial intelligence for the extraction and exploitation of rich metadata from big data in-video all in real-time which can be seen working live detecting thousands of advertisements across hundreds of popular US television networks. IDenTV has bolstered its video analysis capabilities by integrating artificial intelligence powered components, enabling the creation of rich metadata on big data in-video. Recognizing faces, brands/logos, objects from any type of video content (streaming or recorded) all in real-time.

Why IDenTV has sided with Erlyvideo?

The Flussonic Media Server software solution has been specifically designed for managing big video streams and archives, and the optimization is hardcoded into it. Flussonic Media Server’s code is written in Erlang, a unique programming language with greater scalability and durability, compared to Java. In terms of infrastructure, there is no hardware dependency, which is great—it can work on any Linux server. In addition to common Intel and AMD hardware architectures, it supports ARM, Tilera and a few more. The level of performance optimization dramatically reduces data center size and maintenance costs.

The integration part is flexible and comes with an API. Also, the Erlyvideo’s support policy is to provide partners with full-time developers as integrational managers for the best compatibility between their systems to achieve groundbreaking results.

What is Flussonic Media Server?

Flussonic Media Server is a software platform for running all sorts of video services. The main purpose of Flussonic Media Server is to manage storage of thousands of terabytes of video, index files and deliver them upon a search request. It works with both static on-demand video archives and dynamic real-time video streams. The main idea behind the solution is truly vast scalability and high fault tolerance. This allows large video processing systems to incorporate Media Server as the core video storage system.

Erlyvideo’s Flussonic Media Server is especially good for streaming video. It can easily handle 800 video streams on one server machine, compared to 400 streams per server for similar solutions.

About IDenTV

IDenTV leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to transform the way the world searches and exploits massive video. With clients in the Television, Media, and National Security domains industries, IDenTV is already being recognized as an emerging technology leader. Shortly after the official release, IDenTV was got an awarded as one of the Top 5 AI Companies in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Visit IDenTV’s website to learn more about the real-time video analysis capabilities and various service offerings.

About Erlyvideo

Erlyvideo specializes in video storage and streaming solutions. With the optimized Erlang programming language and big data approach, Flussonic Media Server is a software platform ready for integration with a complex video processing system of any size and with the highest requirements for the processing speed on a single server.

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