Flussonic Watcher 21.12

December 20, 2021

Get familiar with the changes introduced in Flussonic Watcher 21.12 products.

Flussonic Watcher

In this release, we focused on improvements of the IRIS firmware and of the video analytics module.

Check the full list of improvements and fixes below and get your servers upgraded as soon as possible.

What’s New

  • #17548 (new) (Watcher) Timezone option was added into Web UI of the Flussonic HOME camera.
  • #18198 (new) (Watcher) Support of the agent for YCX non-wifi cameras with SSC335/337 chipset was added.
  • #18341 (new) (Watcher) The latest version of xCode in the mobile SDK was supported.

Issues Resolved

  • #18683 (fixed) (Watcher) Fixed an issue when video analytic module identified a person as another one though there was a record with photo of this person.
  • #19394 (fixed) (Watcher) Fixed issue that live video from the Flussonic Home Camera got stuck due to memory leakage in the IRIS firmware.
  • #19668 (fixed) (Watcher) Fixed issue that a company logo was invisible on a screen during mobile app loading.
  • #20454 (fixed) (Watcher) Fixed issue that some users experienced problem with accessing DVR with 403 error.

Documentation updates

  • #20209 (doc) (Watcher) Face lists description updated to show that “Persons not on any list” list is intended for faces detected or recognized on cameras with face recognition enabled but not linked to any list, i.e. NOT for unrecognized persons as the wording implied before.
  • #20447 (doc) (Watcher) GPU requirements for Watcher video analytics are explained in details to help you choose video card without any hesitation.
  • #20460 (doc) (Watcher) Video resolution requirements for face recognition and ANPR explained in more details to avoid any doubt and help you understand how our analytics module works.
  • #20507 (doc) (Watcher) Description of user permissions to view and manage Organizations updated to show that the user will automatically receive permissions to view all Organizations when assigned permissions to edit them.
  • #20510 (doc) (Watcher) Hardware selection guide added to help you calculate disk space and video memory when planning to launch or scale your video surveillance service or system. This guide would be useful to ensure that the hardware will always meet the load without any delays and failures.
  • #20517 (doc) (Watcher) A detailed step-by-step description of Agent working process added in the Flussonic Agent concept and advantages section explaining how security is maintained throughout the connections between Agent and Watcher infrastructure.
  • #20519 (doc) (Watcher) Description of the DVR depth parameter in camera settings and preset settings clarified to highlight that storage time for motion records is set independently from constant records.