Flussonic Watcher 21.07

July 2, 2021

Get familiar with the changes introduced in Flussonic Watcher 21.07 products.

Flussonic Watcher

Timeline no longer shows on Android when dvr_depth is 0; the black screen bug that appears when using a shared URL to view a camera with DVR is fixed; the issue where an active camera was displayed as unavailable was fixed. Check the full list of fixes below and get your servers upgraded as soon as possible.

Issues Resolved
  • #14452 (fixed) (Watcher Mobile) Issue with displaying an archive on Android when a user doesn’t have permissions to watch this archive was fixed.
  • #14485 (fixed) (Watcher) Typo in Web UI was fixed.
  • #14763 (fixed) (Watcher Mobile) Issue with necessity to update a page to watch video from just added camera was fixed.
  • #15821 (fixed) (Watcher) Broken filter by organization in camera list was fixed.
  • #16438 (fixed) (Watcher) Black screen when using shared URL to watch a camera with DVR was fixed.
  • #16483 (fixed) (Watcher) Diagnostic for situation when invoking agent-activation-tokens API method with system api-key was improved.
  • #16508 (fixed) (Watcher) Issue with showing URL instead of icon after clicking on share during live stream was fixed.
  • #16511 (fixed) (Watcher) Issue with blank screen when zoom multi-level floor plan was fixed.
  • #16731 (fixed) (Watcher Mobile) Display of calendar at IPhone XR was fixed.
  • #16961 (fixed) (Watcher) Issue with displaying in List view dvr_depth parameter from preset after changing it in camera setting was fixed.
  • #17216 (fixed) (Watcher) Issue with incorrect camera status when active camera displayed as not available was fixed.
  • #17256 (fixed) (Watcher) Missing labels for camera access permissions checkboxes were added.
  • #17848 (fixed) (Watcher) An organization owner was able to change account details for a system administrator. This issue was fixed.

Documentation updates