Version 18.06

June 29, 2018

We have released Flussonic 18.06

Flussonic Media Server

Flussonic Watcher users now can configure collecting motion events from IP camera and get push on mobile application for event.

There are several other important changes like audio correction for seamless DASH playback, multibitrate capturing in Watcher and so on.

Full list of changes:

  • #2722 [VSaaS] on-camera motion detection handling

  • #3851 [VSaaS] API v2 released

  • #4568 allow to put hex in mpegts pids on capturing

  • #4625 [Watcher2] API publishing to

  • #4665 fix getting archive from Flussonic cluster

  • #4856 [DRM] update keyos/buydrm vod handling

  • #4961 [Watcher2] user management

  • #5176 [VSaaS] enabled mbr capturing for cameras

  • #5254 transcoder support force_original_aspect_ratio

  • #5331 [Agent] Hik DS-I113 support

  • #5373 transcoder support alogo

  • #5487 now Flussonic specially handles broken audio frames from UDP for seamless DASH playback

  • #5566 new group_config section in source configuration

  • #5582 future support for erlang 21.0

  • #5590 [VSaaS] fixed saving camera title on single mode with broken hostname resolving

  • #5606 [Watcher2] fixed api/v2/auth/check-login method

  • #5621 support for MPEG-TS channels with broken ES descriptors

  • #5624 [VSaaS] now Watcher will redirect from http to https if enabled

  • #5730 playlist starts scheduled file from certain time

  • #5774 [Watcher2] added “favourites” to new UI

  • #5775 [Watcher2] user management in new UI

  • #5804 flussonic-player: supporting the new autoplay policy

  • #5805 fixed handling EXTINF in server playlist

  • #5806 fixed handling EXT-X-UTC in server playlist

  • #5810 changed mechanism of capturing UDP mpegts. Use udp2:// for previous option or just use new

  • #5817 fixed switching to next file in server playlist

  • #5818 [Watcher2] adding thumbnails flag to api/v2/cameras

  • #5819 [VSaaS] added ability to create external motion event handler.

  • #5822 [Agent] fixed reactivation mechanism

  • #5826 [ML] decoding video for neuro network is done now on nvidia

  • #5828 [Watcher2] APIv2 allows to combine api key and setting user login per request

  • #5843 Fixing running nvidia transcoder internally in Flussonic: external=false

  • #5848 now dvr replicator able to discover remote dvr depth

  • #5849 [VSaaS] motion events: from camera to watcher and to push into mobile app.

  • #5861 transcoding can now add black fields to send fixed size output

  • #5868 [Watcher2] APIv2 camera import now uses agent-id to generate camera name

  • #5869 [Watcher2] APIv2 camera search now uses agent_sn and agent_id

  • #5879 updated lua interpeter

  • #5882 update erlang to 20.3.8

  • #5885 [VSaaS] added mechanism to send mobile push to mobile application Flussonic Watcher

  • #5886 [VSaaS] opt-out from mobile pushes in Watcher configuration

  • #5887 [VSaaS] allow to set camera name for onvif discover

  • #5894 [Watcher2] proper playback token in api/v2/cameras

  • #5900 [UI] now properly play DVR in admin panel for a stopped stream

  • #5903 dvr: ability to playing archive while stream has status not_started

  • #5907 better handling of unknown HTTP methods for Watcher

  • #5914 allow RTMP publishing to streams with urls configured

  • #5923 [VSaaS] fixed disabling DVR for camera