June 21, 2019
Version 19.04
Flussonic Media Server: Multi-bitrate RTSP streams playback, RTMPS support, Smooth Streaming for VOD, PallyCon DRM, transcoder GUI. Watcher: low bitrate in mosaic, non-AAC audiotracks, the default UI language.
June 21, 2019
Version 19.06
Flussonic Watcher is now installed via the flussonic-watcher package, cluster mode is possible on a single Watcher server, the old Watcher UI and SQLite are completely removed from Watcher, preferred UI settings are stored permanently on the server, you
June 21, 2019
Version 4.6.10 and How Was 2016
First release in 2017, results of 2016
December 3, 2018
Version 18.12
Solocoo DRM support, authorization with token is now easier to configure, custom branding of the Watcher mobile app (through specially prepared builds), the support for additional custom authorization backends
October 30, 2018
Version 18.10
Watcher: sharing public cameras, improved mosaic and events viewing, viewing connection status of cameras with Agent. API v2 for filtering cameras by group_id, managing mobile app tokens and subscribing to events, changing camera names. Non-administra
September 28, 2018
Version 18.09
Flussonic Media Server: DVR taking 30% less disk I/O operations, Reworked API calls for DVR locking, Disabling logging of stream-related messages
August 31, 2018
Version 18.08
Flussonic: Import of EPG from satellite channels to files, subtitles for all published MPEG-TS streams, improved performance of DVR player with DRM content
July 31, 2018
Version 18.07
New web interface for Watcher, a video analytics module, JPEG-less video thumbnails for VOD, maximum bit rate of MPEG-TS elementary streams
June 29, 2018
Version 18.06
Watcher mobile push for camera events, new UDP capture mechanism, decrease of NVidia memory usage
May 30, 2018
Version 18.05
Smooth transcoding and switching between file and webrtc published video with MSE playback. Smooth DASH rewind playlist
April 20, 2018
Version 18.04
Watcher group admins, SIP doorbell support, stable DASH rewind manifest, mp4 precise export
March 30, 2018
Version 18.03
changed versioning, refactored DVR for speed and reliability, DASH rewind playlists

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