Flussonic Central 23.08

August 4, 2023

Welcome to the Flussonic Central Release Notes - Version 23.08

Introducing Central 23.08, the latest version of Flussonic Central that brings enhanced security with HTTPS support for Admin UI and API requests, efficient API filtering with the “q” parameter, and simplified troubleshooting with database migration error logs. The revolutionary episode-based mechanism offers effortless event integration, comprehensive episode management, advanced classification, and flexible manual episode creation. The Central UI now includes DVR settings in streamer profiles, real-time Agent status display, and streamlined streamer addition. Load balancing, IP camera management, and simplified licensing further elevate media management. With improved configuration and provisioning, enhanced Agent management functions, Central 23.08 ensures a seamless and efficient Flussonic ecosystem orchestration.

Flussonic Central (23.08)

  • #30978 (new) Supported HTTPS connection for Central Admin UI and API requests. You should specify HTTPS_PORT, SSL_CERTIFICATE, and SSL_CERTIFICATE_KEY parameters in the config in order to use this feature; the certificate should be generated manually.
  • #31100 (new) Supported the q parameter for Central API requests allowing you to filter streams by some pattern in text fields like title, name, input, etc.
  • #32018 (new) Implemented provisioning of http_proxy parameter from Central to streamers to allow load balancing when clients request streams from streamers.
  • #32019 (new) Central can now handle X-Forwarded-For header to return correct stream playback URLs in load balancing mode for the localhost streamer i.e. when Media Server and Central are both on the same host (including Single installation).
  • #32080 (new) Added the API methods for managing auth backends.
  • #32136 (new) Fixed the issue with Central rollback leading to the service breakdown because of failing database migration procedure.
  • #32197 (new) Auth backends are now provisioned from Central to streamers.
  • #32209 (new) Added the support for several auth backends to allow simultaneous use of Watcher and IPTV functions with Central. auth_backend vsaas configuration is now not the only one possible but it is automatically added if UPSTREAM_URL (i.e. Watcher hostname) is specified.
  • #31591 (fixed) Fixed the issue with Agents not provisioned from the Watcher mobile app without Central restart.
  • #31596 (fixed) Fixed the issue with the Agent status incorrectly displayed as online in Central when the Agent was actually offline.
  • #31616 (improved) The episodes returned by the GET /episodes request can now be filtered by episode_type.
  • #31623 (improved) Implemented opened_at_lt and closed_at_gt parameters allowing you to filter results of the GET streamers/{hostname}/episodes request.
  • #31639 (fixed) Fixed the issue with Agent not deactivated (reset) when the camera is deleted from Watcher.
  • #31692 (improved) Implemented bulk insert of episodes automatically created on motion events to reduce the load on database and improve the system performance.
  • #31796 (improved) The database migration errors are now shown in Central logs to facilitate troubleshooting at update.
  • #31854 (improved) The list of Agents is now sorted in Central Admin UI.
  • #32006 (fixed) Fixed the issue with Agents not being able to reconnect with streamers when connection was lost but streamer didn’t change.
  • #32126 (improved) Supported vision_episode_face and vision_episode_vehicle episode types.
  • #32153 (fixed) Fixed the issue with database migration failures at Central upgrade due to motion_id field being allowed to be an empty string which failed the uniqueness check. The empty string value was replaced with null to avoid the errors.

Flussonic Central (23.07)

  • #28847 (new) Load balancing in Central finalized to allow playback over Central domain name in Streaming API URLs without explicit use of direct URLs to specific streamers.
  • #30817 (new) now flussonic central is handling motion events from IP cameras
  • #31105 (new) Implemented event_sink provisioning from Central to Media Server to get events in Central for episodes generation.
  • #31138 (new) Implemented API requests for managing episodes. An episode registered on Central protects a certain part of the archive on Media Server from deletion.
  • #31142 (new) The episode_type parameter added to episodes.
  • #31144 (new) The PUT /streamer/api/v3/episodes/{episode_id} API method added to allow manual creation of the episodes.
  • #31303 (new) Any manual changes to the configuration of Flussonic Media Servers controlled by Flussonic Central are now forbidden and will be overridden. Please contact our support team to find a solution if you need to introduce manual changes to the Media Server config.
  • #31317 (new) Episode expiration date can now be set in Central’s DVR config.
  • #30874 (fixed) Supported spaces around “=” in the Central’s config file.
  • #30938 (improved) Improved the process of configuration provisioning from Central to streamers so that it could fit into the default timeout.
  • #31087 (fixed) The cluster_key made a required field when adding a new streamer to Central to avoid connection errors.
  • #31127 (fixed) The Agent’s serial number is now displayed in the Agent list.
  • #31201 (fixed) Fixed the issue with home directory not created at installation if the Central’s system user already existed.
  • #31248 (fixed) Fixed the issue with Central being unable to start due to not handling streamer configs correctly.
  • #31261 (fixed) Fixed the issue with Central restarting every other second when API_URL and HOSTNAME not specified in the config.
  • #31319 (improved) Fixed the issue with fields not provided in the Central API schema being returned in responses to some requests despite our API design principles.
  • #31344 (fixed) Fixed the issue with Agents not being able to connect with localhost streamer.
  • #31354 (fixed) Fixed the format of the updated_at field in episodes to be specified in milliseconds.
  • #31405 (fixed) HTTP 404 response is now returned if a specific stream requested by GET streams/{name} is not found.
  • #31436 (improved) Default HTTP timeouts increased up to 5 seconds.
  • #31468 (improved) Provisioning of event_sink config with the Central event collector to streamers is now enabled by default.
  • #31539 (fixed) Fixed the issue with GET /streamers/{hostname}/episodes request returning an empty list instead of HTTP 400 when the name field is not specified in the qs.
  • #31559 (improved) Fixed the issue with episodes not returned by Central and general system degradation when there were tens of thousands of episodes in the database.
  • #31563 (improved) The episodes_url parameter is now provisioned in stream config from Central to streamers via config_external with empty value for the streamers to be able to use the episodes mechanism.
  • #31569 (improved) Disabled motion events provisioning from streamers directly to Watcher because Watcher now fetches motion events from Central using the new episodes mechanism.
  • #31573 (improved) Supported sorting and filtering by media, episode_type, and updated_at_gt qs parameters in GET /episodes request.
  • #31606 (fixed) Fixed the issue with archive cleanup not performed for episodes with missing motion_stopped time.
  • #31619 (fixed) Fixed the issue with Central starting after failed database migration and working incorrectly instead of refusing to start until the database is properly migrated.
  • #31646 (fixed) Fixed the issue with the number of events in Watcher VMS not corresponding to the number of episodes in Flussonic Central because Watcher skipped old episodes.
  • #31663 (fixed) Fixed the issue with the number of events in Watcher VMS not corresponding to the number of episodes in Flussonic Central because the lack of indexes of the episode database caused delays when fetching episodes.
  • #31686 (improved) The expired episodes are now cleaned up every 60 seconds.