Version 4.6.6

October 19, 2016

There are some important changes in 4.6.6:

  • #3221 SwiftStack cloud support including cached auth calls
  • #3225 Elbrus 2K support

Yes, we have launched Flussonic on Elbrus processor, it is a new architecture, but due to erlang flexibility we could launch Flussonic there! Elbrus 2K have joined big family of supported architectures: regular amd64, arm, mips, tilera.

We have checked and tested Flussonic against SwiftStack cloud and implemented a requested feature: we cache authorisation token and properly handle its expiration.

There are lot of changes included into Flussonic Watcher, but we will tell about them in next post.

Important internal changes include:

  • #2775 enhance DVR RTSP seek
  • #3003 enhance transcoding under high load (less desync)
  • #3010 fix ELST atom content to get proper audio sync on exporting mp4 from DVR
  • #3075 reduce audio/video desync in overloaded transcoder
  • #3095 transcode 5.1 audio to 5.1
  • #3098 fix repeated playing of video after NVidia transcoder
  • #3110 remove audio/video mpegts desync on counter overflow
  • #3146 enhance Nvidia GTX770 support

Technical internal changes are:

  • #2963 handle fps parameter in mosaic
  • #3084 change DASH representation id to be integer
  • #3091 disable checking nvidia-smi because it hangs system
  • #3097 fixed degradation of HLS playback with first track id3 tags
  • #3124 show m4s cluster peer sessions in session list
  • #3147 support for more PSI text encodings
  • #3154 cloud camera agent now properly handle SIGPIPE
  • #3190 handle broken RTSP SDP with tabs in strings
  • #3200 workaround for bug in VSTARCAM rtsp camera daemon
  • #3202 now source m4f://source will properly launch streams with m4f protocol
  • #3233 handle very badly packed non-aligned AAC ADTS in MPEG-TS

UI and Watcher changes are:

  • #2716 [UI] fix editing web_script in admin UI
  • #2799 [UI] fix showing player for stream without source
  • #2929 [UI] show cluster peer port
  • #3035 [UI] now stream waiting for publish is counted in “waiting” streams
  • #3072 [UI] fix deleting publish password from stream
  • #3079 [UI] fix resize error in DVR player
  • #3080 [UI] fix invalid indication of non-recorded video in DVR timeline
  • #3089 [VSaaS] now have RU, DE, KZ, UA, ES translations!
  • #3112 [VSaaS] set initial provision url for camera cloud agent
  • #3114 [UI] optimize packing of DASH js
  • #3155 [UI] fix appearing $$hashKey in config options
  • #3161 [UI] show runtime stats for published stream
  • #3182 [UI] indication of cloud camera agent in UI
  • #3183 [UI] fix invalid indication of recording gaps in DVR embed
  • #3188 [VSaaS] cloud agent configuration now is in ini file
  • #3194 [UI] fix order in filtered stream list
  • #3201 [UI] change sorting of filtered stream names
  • #3212 [UI] fix removing transcoder in UI