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The React Native Module of the Flussonic Watcher SDK

The React Native (JS code) methods that are available for you to use are wrapped in the following files:

  • Modules:,
  • View managers:,

The annotation @ReactMethod in the module marks methods that should be called from JS code.

In view managers you bind:

  1. Events that are sent from the SDK to JS code
  2. Properties that you can set from JS code (they are annotated with @ReactProp).


  • Methods: pause, resume, seek, captureScreenshot, getAvailableTracks, getCurrentTrack.

  • Events: onBufferingStart, onBufferingStop, onDownloadRequest, onUpdateProgress, collapseToolbar, expandToolbar, showToolbar, hideToolbar, playerError.

  • Properties: url, allowDownload, startPosition, toolbarHeight.


  • Events: onStatus, onClick.

  • Properties: url.