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Flussonic Watcher SDK Description

Flussonic Watcher SDK for Android provides two main components — FlussonicWatcherView and FlussonicThumbnailView.


The component FlussonicWatcherView is used for playing a video stream received from an IP camera. It displays a player with the timeline. The timeline shows the current playback position and provides controls for users to control playback.

You can the add the component FlussonicWatcherView to the XML code Activity or Fragment. You can also add or delete it dynamically.

It is possible to add a number of FlussonicWatcherView on a single screen.


The component FlussonicThumbnailView is used for displaying a single frame of the video received from a camera.

You can use FlussonicThumbnailView by adding it to RecyclerView for displaying a screenshot from each camera in the list of cameras.