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Pulse tab in Flussonic UI

You can monitor traffic, CPU, memory, task queue, and other metrics on the Pulse tab in Flussonic UI.

Pulse tab

The following graphs are shown by default:

  • Traffic for the last hour/minute. Note that these graphs show all the network communications on your server including service traffic and any third party software. You may refer to IN: and OUT: indications in the upper right to see Flussonic's effective traffic on sessions and streams.

    IN and OUT indication

  • Memory usage for the last hour/minute. Total memory usage on the server.

  • CPU usage for the last hour/minute. Total CPU usage on the server.
  • Scheduler utilization for the last hour/minute. The graph of the Erlang scheduler usage.
  • Erlang active tasks for the last hour/minute. The number of active Flussonic tasks on the server.
  • Disk space usage for each disk on your server.

Custom queries to PulseDB

You can compose your own custom queries to the Pulse database. Click Show next to the Custom pulse query to display instructions and examples. There is also an interesting example of PulseDB usage here.