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DASH Manifests for Playing Back Archives of Live Streams

DASH manifests for playing back archives of live streams


This information is useful if you need a static manifest for playing DVR over DASH of a currently live stream.


  • 1350274200 — the start time of a requested chunk in DVR archive.
  • 4200 — how many seconds to play back.

Live stream playback from DVR via DASH

Imagine you have streams that are broadcasted live and recorded to DVR. For playing them back from the archive, the requested fragment might end in the future where no broadcast exists yet.

Flussonic allows you to choose the type of manifest (playlist) to send to clients when playing back DVR of such live streams over DASH. A DASH manifest can be static or dynamic (updatable).

By default, Flussonic updates the manifest along with live broadcast progress, which means the manifest is dynamic. When the real time reaches the specified moment when the archive fragment must end, the manifest automatically becomes static because all info about the stream is received and there is no need to update the manifest any longer. In some cases it might be better to use a static manifest.

To specify the type of a manifest, use the dynamic parameter:

  • dynamic=false. Flussonic Media Server will generate a static manifest. In a player, an archive will be played the same way as a file. The manifest will contain information about the requested time range and will not be updated during playback.


  • dynamic=auto. This is the default behavior, so this parameter can be omitted. First, Flussonic creates a dynamic manifest (and updates it while a live broadcast is going in parallel with DVR playback). Then Flussonic changes the manifest to static – it happens when the live broadcast reaches the end time of the requested DVR fragment.