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Open-source software by Flussonic

We at Flussonic recognize the importance of open source software and sometimes use it in the development, testing and analysis of our products. We support the open-source community by participating in various open-source projects and making our code available for public use whenever possible. You can check out the open source software by Flussonic in our GitHub account:

Our key projects are:

  • openapi_handler is a practical tool for implementing the "API-first" approach to software development. The library allows you to automatically generate Erlang code according to an OpenAPI schema (JSON or YAML file). We ourselves use this library when developing our products, so you can be sure that it will always be kept up to date, and any bugs will be quickly fixed.
  • mse-player is a JavaScript library for playing videos from Flussonic Media Server using MSE (HTML5) technology with low latency. With this library, you can add the same player that you see in the Flussonic interface to your web page. Read more about using the MSE player here.
  • ssh-proxy is a daemon that all our active support staff uses for remote access to customer servers to troubleshoot and solve the problems. Only one public key for the entire team is added to the client's server when the client allows the SSH access for us. It is convenient because the client doesn't have to manage individual keys of our employees.