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PlayReady DRM

Flussonic supports PlayReady DRM for the Microsoft Smooth Streaming protocol.

To set up the PlayReady DRM protection for a stream or for files in a VOD location, add the drm parameter as follows:

stream example_stream {
  input fake://fake;
  drm playready keyseed=KEYSEED;
vod vod_files {
  path priv;
  drm playready keyseed=KEYSEED;


  • keyseed (required) — an arbitrary Base64-encoded string of 30 bytes. It is necessary for PlayReady to create an encryption key.

You can generate keyseed by executing this command in Linux:

dd if=/dev/urandom bs=1 count=30 | base64

For testing a stream on the PlayReady test server, use keyseed=test.