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DVR archive failover in a cluster with Central

With Flussonic Central you can implement video recording that is resilient to partial hardware failure.

Flussonic Central provides the following features:

  • Starting streams on other servers if one of the servers in a cluster fails to deliver and record those streams. Learn more at Streams layout.
  • Seamless DVR archive for playback by storing the stream's archive history.
  • Storage of episodes to protect DVR sections from deletion.

How Central backs up the DVR archive

  1. Each stream is assigned to a target server that records, stores, and delivers the recording of that stream.
  2. If one of the servers in the cluster fails, Central automatically starts that stream on one of the available servers.
  3. Another server continues recording the stream just as the initial server did.
  4. The recording of the stream on another server stays on that server. The data about that recording is passed to Central that stores the stream's archive history.

With this approach, you do not need to dedicate a separate server to provide fault tolerance and backup for the DVR archive, because each of the available servers in the cluster can act as a backup if one of the servers fails.