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Updating Flussonic

Update the Flussonic Media Server package when a version with new features or with bug fixes is released. We recommend that you update Flussonic more or less regularly. You can revert the changes, if necessary.

Our blog will keep you updated about new versions.

Updating Flussonic on Ubuntu

apt-get update
apt-get -y install flussonic
service flussonic restart


You need to restart Flussonic manually after updating (the last command in the example will do it).

The package manager can report changes to the /etc/flussonic/flussonic.conf file. In this case we recommend that you save the already installed version by pressing the N key.

The configuration file from the package will be saved in the file /etc/flussonic/flussonic.conf.dpkg-dist. After examining the changes, you can delete it.


The package flussonic-transcoder is necessary to add only if you plan to use the CPU to perform transcoding. If you use Nvidia NVENC, no extra packages are needed.

Updating Flussonic on CentOS

Updating Flussonic on CentOS is done in the same way as installing:

yum -y install flussonic flussonic-erlang flussonic-transcoder

The package manager can create the file /etc/init.d/flussonic.rpmnew. Rename it:

mv /etc/init.d/flussonic.rpmnew /etc/init.d/flussonic

Then restart Flussonic:

service flussonic restart