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Flussonic Watcher SDK Description

Flussonic Watcher SDK for iOS provides two main components — FlussonicWatcherView and PreviewMp4View.


The component FlussonicWatcherView is used for playing a video stream received from an IP camera. It displays a player with the timeline. The timeline shows the current playback position and provides controls for users to control playback.

In the current version of the SDK, FlussonicWatcherView requires that you specify an object that communacates with the protocol FlussonicPlayerAdapterProtocol. This object must be drawable-view, to which the image rendering will be performed, and data for the protocols FlussonicPlayerAdapterProtocol and FlussonicPlayerAdapterDelegate.

It is possible to add a number of FlussonicWatcherView on a single screen.


The component PreviewMp4View is used for displaying a single frame of the video received from a camera.

You can use PreviewMp4View by adding it to a cell of a collection (table) for displaying a screenshot from each camera in the list of cameras.