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How to customize the mobile app?

You can use the following options to customize mobile applications:

  1. Use free and ready-to-use applications with limited customization. You will see the Operator ID field in the login screen: you can get this ID on the Mobile app and Agents tab in Watcher settings and it is always displayed in the lower left part of the Watcher web UI once you get it. When users (subscribers) enter the ID, they reach the server specified in your admin account settings. The application users will see the company name and URL also configured in your admin account.


    Operator ID is a numeric value which is more convenient as opposed to typing symbols. If you don’t enter your Operator ID (it also stores your server address) the application will try to reach the default server, and your users won’t see your cameras.

  2. Use our iOS and/or Android API to develop your mobile application(s) that can access Flussonic Watcher and get video streams, archives, users, etc. Use this approach if you want to create the branded application with your account and develop it independently.

  3. We offer a service for customizing (branding) our application in accordance with your company style. Please contact our technical support team for details: Our team will let you know which assets and details are needed for this option.