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User generated content (UGC)

User generated content (UGC) is any content created by users and posted on the Internet, such as videos, photos, text, etc. Flussonic provides a number of tools that allow you to implement a UGC platform or service for hosting video content. The users of such a platform or service will be able to broadcast events like webinars or workshops, both live and recorded, video chat through a browser without installing any applications, etc.

Flussonic ecosystem allows you to address any requirement related to user generated video content:

  • Accept publications from content creators with maximum quality and stability using the common protocols in the field including WebRTC, SRT, and RTMP.
  • Push the content over the same protocols or play via DASH, HLS/LL-HLS, or else depending on the requirements to latency, confidentiality, etc. (see Video playback).
  • Perform authorization of both creators and viewers.
  • Transcode video to a multibitrate stream for adaptive streaming.
  • Record video to the archive (DVR) to watch it later. Flussonic can store your archive locally or in a cloud.
  • Provide Video On-Demand (VOD) service for viewers to access the videos uploaded by creators any time. VOD files can also be stored in a cloud.
  • Publish the content to the social media.
  • At any stage of the video pipeline, provide load balancing using Flussonic Central.

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