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Flussonic Central API

Use Flussonic Central API to integrate the video surveillance cluster with your ecosystem while keeping your own permission management rules.

Unlike Watcher, there are no users and permissions in Flussonic Central. Thanks to that you can easily use your own permissions system and use Flussonic Central to manage streams, Agents, analytics, ONVIF, PTZ on several streamers.

Transparency of Flussonic Central API

We followed the API principles declared for Flussonic Media Server to create the API for Flussonic Central. This is important because the principles of consistency in terminology and standardized access methods to different systems are adhered in Flussonic Central API. This is why you may notice that Flussonic Central API is similar to API of the following systems:

This similarity will allow you to seamlessly transfer your system between any of those products when needed. For example, you may first decide to use Flussonic Cloud for your project, and then purchase some servers and transfer the video subsystem on them to create your own private cloud based on Flussonic Central without redesigning the whole system.