Satellite Ltd

System integrator in modern digital television systems creation

“Satellite Ltd” is a system integrator in modern digital television systems creation.

“Satellite Ltd” offers its services in selection and supply CTV or IPTV networks equipment of the leading global and domestic manufacturers: WISI, Transmedia, Cablesat, BetaCavi, PPC, Kathrein, Ripley, Hanlong, Deviser, Corning, FOROtel, diSat.

Due to our highly skilled specialists we can work out your project documentation, render assistance in setting the whole system to work and putting it into operation. We offer all necessary certificates for any equipment you need.

For many years “Satellite Ltd” has been the general representative of WISI in Russia and bases its technical decisions mainly on the equipment of this manufacturer.

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    True End to end solution for IPTV OTT Operators

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    Software developer and equipment manufacturer for IPTV and OTT service providers

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    Drone mission planning and centralised management platform

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    IPTV / OTT professional solution provider.

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    Manufacturer of equipment for IPTV, OTT and cable television.

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    Satellite Ltd

    System integrator in modern digital television systems creation

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    Advanced video surveillance equipment manufacturer.

  • AG Telecom

    AG Telecom is a Melbourne-based IT consultancy focused on telecommunications

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    Developer of MAG Set-Top Boxes and Stalker middleware

  • IP cameras in production industry.

    Production life-cycle integration and remote quality control on sawmills separated by hundreds of kilometers and scattered all over the Siberian taiga.

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  • A citizen journalism platform

    Babo enables every smartphone owner to become a field journalist. Flussonic helps with the backend!

  • Aurora Production

    Aurora Production - provides design and technical management services.

  • Monetizing access to city cameras

    This ISP uses Flussonic to provide their customers access to street cameras in 10+ cities with 2 million inhabitants each

  • A national video broadcasting service

    Flussonic caters to the entire content delivery cycle: IPTV OTT, Catchup, and VOD for a huge video network

  • A Real-Time Media Intelligence Platform

    IDenTV delivers machine learning and intelligence to impact the way people search for large video data. The customer employs Flussonic to analyze TV channels in real time.

  • A corporate social network

    The largest Russian developer of cloud services for accounting and business-flow uses Flussonic to deliver video content within their corporate social network.

  • Eltex Enterprise Ltd.

    ELTEX Company is a leading Russian designer and manufacturer of communication equipment.

  • FeedConstruct

    FeedConstruct provides data and digital content

  • ViewWay

    ViewWay Solutions is a software development company developing platform and applications for media and entertainment vertical.