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Viewing Watcher cameras on SMART TV, STB and IPTVPORTAL applications

Now you can enhance your package of services with the capability to view cameras on such subscriber devices as SMART TV, STB, and mobile applications of IPTVPORTAL.

On this page, we will tell you how to configure playback of video from Flussonic Watcher cameras through the IPTVPORTAL platform.

In order to set up broadcasting from cameras in live and archive mode:

  1. Before you configure broadcasting, you must have Flussonic Watcher installed, a camera with an archive must be added to it, and there must be an account in the IPTV Portal.

  2. When requesting video from set-top boxes, user authorization on the IPTVPORTAL must be used. To do this, open /etc/flussonic/flussonic.conf and add a line specifying external authorization:

    ``` vsaas {


    } `` Where DOMAIN is your domain in iptvportal, if Middleware is installed locally, thenhttp://SERVER_MIDDLEWARE/auth/flussonic/arescrypt/`.

  3. Open the administrative panel of the IPTVPORTAL and add a new web camera (Media > Webcams). When adding a web camera, specify:


Enter the name of the camera, how it will be displayed in the IPTVPORTAL application.


Link to live broadcast from Watcher. The link should look as follows: http://STREAMER/CAMERA_ID/mpegts, where:

* `STREAMER` - the hostname or IP address of the streamer to which the camera is connected
* `CAMERA_ID` - the camera ID in Watcher


flussonic arescrypt

timeshift url

URL for accessing the camera archive. Specify http://STREAMER/CAMERA_ID, where:

* STREAMER - the hostname or IP address of the streamer to which the camera is connected
* CAMERA_ID - the camera ID in Watcher

archive depth

Specify the number of days of the archive to be displayed in the IPTV Portal application, for example, 1 days, 0:00:00.

timeshift auth

flussonic arescrypt

viewing devices

In the drop-down list, select those devices on which camera playback will be available:

* rubrics. In the list the categories, choose where the camera will be added for search in the navigation menu.
* packages. Select the service packages where this camera will be included.

Now create an IPTVPORTAL user account, assign a package to it, and include in that package the created camera. Open the client part of IPTVPORTAL to see the live video and archive of this camera.