Flussonic Watcher documentation

User Management

After the module installation, you will see one administrator user on the user management page:

User Management

Add a user Anchor Anchor x2

To add a new user, you must enter:

  • Login
  • Password
  • Internal gray IP for auto login
  • Email

Checkboxes note:

  • Active. Check to have the account active.
  • Administrator. Mark if the user needs administrative rights.
  • DRV access. Mark if the user needs access to the archive of records.

You can also leave a note for the user.

User Management

Adding cameras Anchor Anchor x2

To add a camera user, click on the tag «0 shared cameras», then «Add» and in the opened list select those cameras that are available to the user.

Click «Delete» if you want to close the user's access to the camera.

By tag «0 groups» you can add a group of cameras to the user. More in the article Groups.

After adding cameras, they will be available to the user in the dashboard.