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User and permission management

Standard Watcher users exist within Organizations. One user can be added to several different Organizations and must be added at least to one. If you do not select organization when creating a user, the user is added to the Default Organization.

After installing Watcher, you will see only one user on the Users page — the Watcher Super Administrator having all possible permissions. Do not delete this user as it may lead to incorrect operation of the system.

The newly created users can be assigned with flexible permissions within Organizations and Watcher. Please refer to the table below for explanation of available permissions.

Watcher Administrator

Organization Administrator (owner)

Common user (subscriber)

How to assign permissions

Set the Administrator checkbox in the user profile (see below)

Select the user as the Organization owner in the Organization profile

Create a user with default settings

Default permissions

  • Has access to Settings, Health and Camera presets main menu items.

  • Can assign Administrator permissions to other users.

  • Can view and edit general settings of all Organization.

  • Can change Administrator (owner) of any Organization: the Watcher Administrator can edit only the general settings of a not-owned organization, but can change any organization's administrator to get permissions in organization and/or permissions to cameras.

  • View and edit all settings within owned Organizations.

  • Edit cameras and users within owned Organizations.

  • Watch video and DVR as well as control PTZ on cameras within Organization.

  • The newly created user does not have any permissions to view or edit cameras, users or Organizations by default.
    The administrator (owner) of the Organization can assign the following rights to the user:

  • Edit cameras and users within the Organization.

  • Watch video and DVR as well as control PTZ on cameras within Organization.

  • Set read-only permissions.

  • On this page:

    Creating a user

    Make sure you already have created the Organization to add user in.

    To create a user:

    1. Click UsersCreate user.
    2. The form to create the user opens.

      Creating user

    3. Fill in the user info, change the following settings if necessary:

      • Can view organizations: Check the box to enable the user to view the list of all organizations. If the box is not checked, the user will only see the organizations to which the user is added.

      • Can edit organizations: Check this box to enable the user to edit the organizations. Editing options differ depending on whether the user is an organization administrator. The user can change all the settings in owned organization(s) and only general settings in the rest of the organizations (if they are visible).

      • Maximum number of sessions: The maximum number of sessions for this user. See this page for more information on limiting the number of sessions.

      • Enabled: Check the box to activate the user account.

      • Administrator: Check the box to give the user administrator permissions (see details above). When you save the settings after selecting the Administrator checkbox, the checkboxes enabling organizations visibility and editing are automatically checked.


        Please note that if you uncheck the Administrator checkbox, the checkboxes enabling organizations visibility and editing are not unchecked automatically. Uncheck them manually if necessary under the Super Administrator account.

      • Read only: Check the box to prohibit the user from any actions with cameras, organizations and users, except for viewing. This checkbox cannot be selected together with the Administrator checkbox. If both are checked, the Administrator checkbox takes precedence, so the Read only checkbox is automatically cleared when you save the user. Otherwise, the Read only checkbox takes precedence over the checkboxes that allow editing organizations, users, and cameras.

    Adding users to an Organization

    After you have added an Organization to Watcher, you will probably need to add users who will have access to cameras of this Organization. One user can be added to several Organizations.

    To add a user to an Organization:

    1. Go to Organizations.

    2. In the list of Organizations, find the Organization where you are going to add a user (or create one) and click the counter in the Users column.

      You can also click the name of the Organization and go to the USERS tab in the Organization profile.

    3. The page that opens shows the list of all users of this Organization.

      • Click ADDAdd users from other organizations to add existing user(s); check the users you want to add. That's it, users are added.

      • Click ADDCreate a user to create a new user within this Organization, then go to the next step.

      Add user menu


      You can also delete users from the organization using the three-dot menu on the right in the user row:

      Меню удаления пользователя

    4. Fill in user data and save changes.

      Creating user within organization

      Please note that when creating a user this way, you need to fill in fewer fields than when creating a user from scratch, for example, you do not need to select an organization, because it is already known, and there is no way to make the user Watcher Administrator or assign read-only rights. To set these parameters, you need to go to the user profile through the Users menu.

    Granting a user rights to manage Organizations

    One Organization can have a number of users and any user can belong to several Organizations. You can give each user different permissions to manage each Organization.

    To change a user's rights to manage an Organization:

    1. Go to Organizations and click in the column Users next to the Organization where you want to grant users rights to manage the Organization.

      Watcher user permissions in Organization

    2. In the list of users that opens, click next to each user the permissions that you are giving them:

      • Can edit cameras: the user can add and edit cameras

      • Can edit users: the user can add and edit other users

      • Can view statistics: the user can view Watcher resources consumed by the Organization.


      The user who is Organization's administrator (owner) has all rights within the Organization. In this case you won't be able to save changes with some of the boxes on this tab unchecked.

    Another way to edit the user permissions to manage the Organization is in the user settings opened from OrganizationsUsers on the Permissions in the Organization tab.

    Watcher user permissions in Organization

    If a user is added to several organizations, you can edit access rights to several organizations by opening the user profile from the Users menu. In this case, the user rights in all owned organizations are available for editing on the Rights in the organizations tab:

    Watcher user permissions in several Organizations

    Granting a user access to cameras

    Users can have various permissions to access video received from cameras.

    To grant a user access to cameras:

    1. Go to Organizations and click the number in the Users column next to the Organization where you want to modify user permissions.

    2. In the list of users that opens, click the user whose permissions you want to modify.

    3. In the user settings, go to the tab Access to cameras.

      User permissions to Organization's cameras

      If the Access to cameras tab in inactive, the user is not allowed to manage cameras. To allow managing cameras, grant permissions as described above.


      The user who is the owner (administrator) of the Organization has all rights to the cameras in this Organization. In this case the boxes cannot be unchecked.

    4. Select folders containing cameras to which you grant this user access to. The selected cameras will be available to the user in the Dashboard.

      Access categories are described below.

    It is also convenient to edit the user's rights to cameras in all organizations to which the user is added by opening the profile from the Users page and selecting the Access to cameras tab:

    Watcher user permissions to cameras

    Categories of access to folders with cameras

    • Access to cameras — the user can view live video received from IP cameras of the Organization.
    • Access to archive — the user can view recorded video in DVR archives.
    • Access to PTZ — the user can control cameras via PTZ.

    Note 1. Granting a user access to a folder means that all its subfolders will also be available to this user.

    Note 2. You can give access only to an entire folder, not to individual cameras in the folder. To give access to only one camera, add this camera to a separate folder and give the user access to that folder.