Flussonic Watcher documentation

Serial Numbers

If you purchased Watcher with camera agents, you need to create a user in the Users and Groups section to set a user auto-snap for this camera.

Then go to the Camera > Serial Numbers and add the serial number from the camera box (this camera will go to the end user).

Then, select the depth for the archive, assign this serial number to the end user, and provide login / password to the user.

Serial Numbers

When you turn the camera on for the first time, it will go through the activation procedure, provisioning to your server, and binding it to a certain end user using the serial number. The DVR setting that determines the archive depth will be applied as well.

From the user’s perspective, the process will require these steps:

  • Turn on the camera.
  • Connect the camera to the Internet.
  • Log in to Watcher using the login/password.

After these steps, the camera is up and running, and the user can see the video stream from the web-application.