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The Demo App

The demo app demonstrates the main ways of using the FlussonicWatcherView and PreviewMp4View components (please refer here for details on those components).

The demo app is available here. You will need Mac to build it.

Running the demo app:

  1. Install xCode and CocoaPods as described here. Make sure to select Development OS MacOS and Target OS iOS in order to see proper instructions.
  2. Clone Flussonic Watcher SDK for iOS repo from GitHub:

    git clone --depth 1

  3. Go to demo app folder:

    cd ./flussonic-watcher-sdk-ios/demoapp

  4. Install dependencies:

    pod install

  5. Open FlussonicDemoApp.xcworkspace project in xCode.

  6. Run FlussonicDemoApp by selecting Product => Run

In the demo app:

  • CamerasListIsoTVC — the table that contains the list of cameras. Each cell contains an instance of PreviewMp4View, which is used for fetching and displying the preview image.

  • PlayerIsoViewController — a sceen with the player (FlussonicWatcherView) and an adapter FlussonicVlcAdapter.

  • FlussonicVlcAdapter — the adapter for using it in the VLCMediaPlayer as a player.