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The Demo App

The demo app gives usage examples for the most part of the functionality provided in FlussonicWatcherView and FlussonicThumbnailView components.

The demo app for Android is available at

The script build.gradle contains the parameters for connection to a test Watcher server with cameras:

buildConfigField "String", "SERVER", "\"\""
buildConfigField "String", "LOGIN", getCredentials("LOGIN", "\"demo\"")
buildConfigField "String", "PASSWORD", getCredentials("PASSWORD", "\"demo\"")

The package contains the API for authorization and getting the list of cameras.

The packages and presentation.camera_list contain usage examples of FlussonicWatcherView and FlussonicThumbnailView components, wiht comments.

Pay special attention to the methods:

  • CameraActivity#setupWatcher (about setting up FlussonicWatcherView)

  • CameraActivity#onOptionsItemSelected (about the use of FlussonicWatcherView)

  • CameraViewHolder#bind.