Flussonic Watcher Documentation

Managing Tariffs

The first thing to perform is to create tariffs that will be available to your subscribers. Until you create tariffs, your users will not be able to use the camera DVR archive feature, and cameras will only be connected with the ability to view video in real time.

Each tariff is assigned a group of camera settings in Flussonic Watcher. You cannot change any setting manually via Flussonic Watcher, since it is under Billing control. However, if you change the tariff for the selected camera, the camera settings will be changed to the required ones.

To open the tariff management section, go to the Tariff plans in the menu. You will see a list of all tariffs added to the system. If you have added a large number of tariffs, you can use the Search box for quick search.

Adding a tariff

Create a new tariff plan by clicking on the Create new tariff plan button.

Fill out the form for adding a new tariff:

General information

  • Tariff plan name

    The name of the tariff plan

  • Note

    A note or brief information about the tariff

  • Amount

    The cost of the monthly subscription fee for this tariff

  • Currency

    The tariff's currency

  • Apply to Organizations by default

    Turn on this option to make the tariff available by default to subscriber Organizations.


  • DVR depth

    The number of days to store continuous recording

  • DVR space

    The volume of storage for recorded motion events, in GB

  • ANPR

    License plate number recognition.

Note: All Services must be filled in. For example, if you want to set up a tariff with number recognition without a DVR archive, set the values of DVR depth and DVR space to 0.

After you add a tariff, it will be displayed in the tariffs table. Also, in this table, you can see when the tariff started working.

Setting a new price

In the process of providing the service to subscribers, you can change the subscription price for tariffs. Click on the Edit button to open the price editing form. On the form that opens, click Add new price and enter the price that will be effective starting from the current day.

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