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Managing Organizations via billing

Your cloud-based Flussonic Watcher is managed by billing, so all actions that in one way or another affect settlements with subscribers must be performed through the billing. These actions include everything related to Organizations.

To open the subscriber Organization management section, click Organizations in the menu.

You will see the list of all Organizations of all your subscribers.

Adding an organization

To add a new organization, click Add new organization and enter the following data:

  • Title

    The name of a subscriber's organization

  • Owner

    The owner of the Organization is your subscriber with whom you signed a Contract to provide cloud video surveillance services. If a user has already been created for the subscriber, you must select it from the list. If there is no user, you can create one by clicking Add and specifying their email address where the activation email will be sent.

  • Tariff plans

    The list of tariffs available for the subscriber's organization. Tariffs must be added beforehand in the billing system.

  • Trial

    Thr period during which the billing will not calculate the amount to be paid by the subscriber.

Editing an organization

You can change the subscriber's Organization settings at any time. For example, you can specify a new Owner who will be responsible for settlements with you.

You can do this by clicking Edit on the Organizations page.

Statistics and settlements

For each organization, you can view statistics on connected cameras and issue an invoice based on this statistics. Statistics include information about the tariff used for each camera and the period of time during which the camera uses this tariff.

To view statistics for the selected Organization, go to the list of Organizations and click the Usages button. In the form that opens, specify the time period for which you want to get statistics for the Organization and click Apply. Billing will provide detailed statistics for all cameras in the Organization and calculate the sum to be paid based on the price of the applied tariffs.

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