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Managing Cameras via ONVIF

Managing a camera from the Watcher UI via ONVIF

You can change a camera's settings directly from the Watcher UI, which supports managing connected cameras via the ONVIF protocol.

On the Camera settings tab, Watcher allows you to set:

  • The output stream from the camera (resolution, frame rate, codec, etc.)
  • The network settings of the camera (DHCP, static IP address)
  • Image settings (brightness, sharpness, etc.)
  • Time setting (add an NTP server, set time manually)
  • User accounts.

On the Camera properties tab you can enable:

  • Motion detection
  • PTZ

To configure a camera remotely:

  1. Go to Organizations > open cameras and click the camera that you are going to configure
  2. Open the Camera settings tab
  3. If the camera is disconnected, enter the credentials configured on the camera and click Connect

    Managing Cameras via ONVIF 4. After the camera has been connected, the UI for managing it via ONVIF appears.

Output stream settings

Managing Cameras via ONVIF

Here Quality is the quality of the image from the camera, in units from 0 (low quality) to 5 (high quality). The higher the quality, the higher the bitrate of the stream.


Managing Cameras via ONVIF

Important. To aplly any of the network settings, click Reboot camera. All other settings take effect without rebooting the camera.

Imaging settings

Managing Cameras via ONVIF


Managing Cameras via ONVIF

Rebooting a camera

To send a command to reboot the camera, click Reboot camera.