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Managing Billing Users

The next important step in setting up billing for VSAAS.IO is to add users. Go to the Users section. You will see the list of all billing users.

To find the right user, use the Search field or the access rights filter, where values are available:

  • Domain admin Administrators of your domain

  • Domain accountant Accounting of your domain

  • Orgaization admin Administrators of your subscribers

  • Organization accountant Accounting of your subscribers

Adding a user

You can add two user types for your domain:

  • Domain administrator

    This type of user has all the necessary privileges to configure and administer your service.

  • Domain accountant

    This type of user can see statistics on the use of the domain by Organizations (the list of invoices to be paid, tariffs, the number of cameras that have each tariff).

To add a user, click Create new user. In the form that opens enter the user's email address. Then fill in Organization and Organization permission to bind the user's email to the subscriber's Organization and the rights within the Organization.

A confirmation email will be sent to the user's specified email address. The user must click the link in the email and set their password.

Blocking a user

If necessary, you can block the user's account. To do this, open the user profile in the Users section, select the user you want to block, and clear the Activated check box.

Password recovery

Any user can recover a lost or forgotten password. You can restore your password either with the help of the administrator or by yourself.

The administrator must log in to the user's profile and click Reset password to send the user an email with a link to restore the password.

The user only needs to click the Forgot password button on the authorization page to receive an email with a link to restore the password.

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