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Introduction to Flussonic Watcher

Flussonic Watcher is a complete video surveillance software system that works with a distributed IP camera network. This system can be used for video streaming, recording and managing video archives.

Flussonic Watcher is a scalable and ready-to-use system with flexible integration options. This web and mobile-oriented solution can solve various business tasks: from launching a corporate cloud video monitoring to a municipal video surveillance system that covers the entire city or state.

Watcher supports small to medium to large projects with unlimited number of cameras. The number of cameras is limited only by hardware.

When working in a cluster of servers, Watcher ensures the fault-tolerance of stream ingest (failover).

Flussonic Watcher presentation

You may also consider our VSaaS to make your system commissioning even easier. This one is a cloud solution that is pre-configured for your needs, so you may just set up you billing preferences and start providing the services to your subscribers.

Areas of appliance:

  • Internet providers — to launch a dedicated cloud-based video surveillance service and offer it to their customers for an additional fee. Watcher can be easily integrated with any provider and its existing billing system.
  • Management companies — for live video broadcasts from socially significant facilities and construction monitoring.
  • Production — to perform audio-video monitoring on factories, courts, polling stations, etc.
  • Municipal and federal projects — to provide free access to public cameras, as well as limited access to security organizations.

Parts of Flussonic Watcher:

  1. The control module on the server is a component that provides a database of all users and cameras, user access management, archive quotas, cluster servers, provisioning and camera activation, as well as APIs for integration with client billing or custom module development.
  2. One or several streamer(s) dedicated for video transmission and processing.
  3. The web interface is the main interface for users and administrators. It works with all modern browsers and mobile devices. The interface includes a dashboard with cameras and archive, favorites, map, user management tools and cameras, settings, interface branding tools and much more.
  4. iOS and Android mobile applications give you access to cameras and user archive from mobile devices.
  5. Firmware for cameras (Flussonic Agent) is an optional component. It can be installed on cameras to provide access behind NAT with stable encryption and direct video delivery to Watcher.

Flussonic Watcher comes in two editions:

  1. Single is good for smaller projects that have no more than 500 cameras and do not need interface branding (company logo, custom colors, etc.)

  2. The Cluster edition is truly scalable with no limitations on the number of cameras. It also includes branding tools for adding a logo, corporate colors, captions, as well as the ability to organize a cluster opf server with stream failover tools.