Flussonic Watcher documentation


Import Cameras and Search

Import cameras from Flussonic Media Server

On a Flussonic Watcher launch, cameras will be available on the network. You can use either Onvif search or import streams from Flussonic Media Server.

You can import a Flussonic Watcher camera that was previously added to Flussonic Media Server.

Cameras Search

Camera Search

Flussonic Watcher uses the WS-Discovery mechanism to search Onvif-compatible cameras. It can detect Ubiquity, Samsung and other cameras.

Some cameras require login and password for authorization. If you cannot find a camera, enter your login and password on the camera and search again.

Many cameras has two or more H264 streams, so you can add all of them as show on the video:

After you selected the camera profile, the correct value will appear in the RTSP URL. Enter a name that will be used for this camera.

See how to set the DVR path in the settings.