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Migrating Flussonic Watcher to a new server

To migrate to a new server, follow these steps:

  1. Update your existing server with Flussonic Watcher to the latest release.
  2. Install Flussonic Watcher on the new server in a usual way.
  3. Prepare an empty database
  4. Copy and transfer the files /etc/flussonic/flussonic.conf and /etc/flussonic/license.txt to the new server.

  5. On the old server, back up the database by using our built-in tool:

    /opt/flussonic/contrib/watcher backup create

  6. The tool will create a file similar to the following one:


  7. Transfer this .gz file to the new server.

  8. Restore the data from this file:

    /opt/flussonic/contrib/watcher backup restore -d 20190215201434

  9. Restart the service:

    service flussonic restart