Flussonic Watcher Documentation


Read how Flussonic can help you with a variety of common tasks and scenarios:

  1. What is Flussonic Watcher?
  2. Flussonic Watcher licensing
  3. What are Watcher system requirements?
  4. How to calculate the hard disk size for the archive, and what HDD types can I use?
  5. How to add a camera?
  6. How to customize the mobile app?
  7. What is a camera agent?
  8. Where can I download the camera agent?
  9. Can I install Flussonic Watcher on VPS?
  10. Does Flussonic Watcher work with PTZ control?
  11. How to get analytics data for events?
  12. What is the main advantage over competitors?
  13. Which camera can I use to work with Watcher?
  14. Sound does not work. What to do?
  15. Can I go back to the factory camera firmware after agent installation?
  16. Can I host other sites on the server with Watcher?
  17. Can I install other software on the server with Watcher?
  18. Simple Event collector
  19. How to form URLs for displaying cameras on an external website?
  20. Migrating to a new server
  21. How to use DevTools to obtain browser logs