Flussonic Watcher documentation


Use groups to simplify user and camera navigation by making logical grouping (for example, by floors, departments, regions, neighborhoods, etc.), as well as simplify the user right management to provide camera visibility. To do that, create a group with a few cameras and then add users to it. A user will have access to all private cameras of the group in a few clicks.
To create camera and user groups, go to the Users and Groups > Panel > Add. Next, enter the group name and description (if necessary), and click «Save».

cameras groups

Now, in the group list, you will see the new group.

By clicking on the «0 cameras» button, you can add cameras from the list, and if you click on the «0 users» button, you can add users to the group.

You can perform the same task if you click on the group name > «Cameras» > «Add».

You can turn on the file archive visibility (DVR) for each user in the list, as well as use an option to control the camera PTZ (certain cameras may not support it).

Important! If you use groups, it’s necessary to change the camera status to Private. It’ll give camera access to a limited number of users. A Public status makes a camera visible to all users, regardless of belonging to any group.